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Isohedra Eurorack
Building modular synthesizer tools for artists since 2016

eBay listings

Eurorack modules for sale on eBay are ready to ship. No need to contact me just buy something and it will be promptly sent out. Easiest way to purchase from my shop.


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Contact me on Facebook for prices better than listed in my eBay shop.

PayPal direct

I can do goods and services PayPal invoices at cheaper prices than my listings on eBay. 
Contact me via Facebook or Instagram to let me know what items you're interested in buying.

  • Quality - With over a thousand hours and years building and being genuinely interested about electronics you're going to get a quality build. I have 100's of satisfied customers and plenty of feedback on eBay. I support my builds and worst case if something goes wrong I go out of my way to make it a positive experience. My job is very enjoyable and the customers are massively appreciated. I'm also using an array of quality tools that are made to last. This is my main source of income and I am serious about providing customers with a great product every time.
  • Eurorack  - Primarily I build Eurorack modules but expansion into 4u has started and the odd Ciat-Lonbarde custom build or one off type creations do pop up for sale! Buchla format should be available at some point too. Let me know what you're interested in!
  • SUPPORTING ART - Since 2000, I have been making electronic music. By supporting my shop you're directly supporting an artist. In 2006 I started a Netlabel, this was a time when SoundCloud wasn't around. The idea was to host music free of advertising and all the corporate BS. Just good downloadable mp3 albums with the artist in total control. We released nearly 150 albums with contributors from across the globe. Even recognized as a trusted uploader on The Pirate Bay. I have been a real part of the music community for experimental electronics for a long time. Even now, years after I am done accepting submissions to this project I keep the site alive out of respect for the artists invovled. Hopefully this demonstrates my commitment to things I am passionate about.  Dramacore Netlabel